Friday, March 22, 2013

One Step Closer

Susan Bezin? Berzin? Bazin? Bousien? (1840-?)

My second great grandmother

me --> Bruce Albert Buchanan --> Robert Amos Buchanan --> John Buchanan --> Susan

For those who don't know, I've been searching for my great great grandmother for over two decades.

Yesterday I believe I came one step closer.  I mentioned previously that I found a Susan Bogin living with a family, the Eismons.

Initially this seemed like a dead end because I couldn't find the Eismons in any future census records, nor on any passenger lists.  Turns out the census taker and the those who indexed the names got the family's names wrong.

The head of household wasn't Fenlon Eismon.  His name is actually... are you read for this?

Irenee Foulon

Pretty different, huh?  Well, there's more.  His wife's name is Lydia Foulon.  They had a son named Irenaeus Dielschristo Foulon.  I was able to find his death certificate.  His mother's maiden name is listed as, drum roll please.

Lydia Bousien

Bousien could sound like "Boo-zhan" don't ya' think? 

This means that Susan Bogin was living with someone whose maiden name sounded quite a bit like her last name.  So I'm thinking they are related, what about you?

But wait, there's more.  While writing this post, I found another death certificate.

Do you see that?  It gives her father's name as Wer Berzin.  Now if someone who hears the name "Lydia" and spells it like "Littia."  What name was this person trying to spell by writing Wer Berzin?

The quest continues!

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