Friday, May 18, 2012

Never Underestimate the Power of a Hat

Lavenia Andrus Miller McComb Sondberg Tryon (1854-1939)

My second great grandmother

me --> Bruce Albert Buchanan --> Robert Amos Buchanan --> June Miller Eckstein Buchanan --> Lavenia Andrus Miller McComb

This is a story my grandmother, Gertrude Maxine Wahl Buchanan (Nona), told me.  I have no idea if it is true, but I think it makes for great family folklore.

Lavenia had four husbands.  When she was married to one of them, (I don't know which one but I don't think it was James Miller or James McComb) she was living in Helper and decided she wanted a divorce.  In those days you had to file a claim in Price Utah, about 6 miles away.  The cost was $10.

Lavenia saved up her money and hitched up the wagon and set out for the courthouse in Price to get her divorce.  On the way she passed by a store and saw a hat in the window.

 Lavenia loved hats.  She stopped to get a closer look and fell in love with the hat on display.  The cost of the hat was $10.  She decided she could stand to stay married a little longer, but couldn't go another minute without that hat.  So she bought the hat instead of the divorce.

This is how I imagine she looked going back home.

This is what she actually looked like.

Maybe this is the hat she bought that day.


  1. This story made me laugh! You are a great story-teller.

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